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Eclipse Photography has a track record of delivering an exceptional professional photography experience.
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The quality of Kim’s work is simply amazing! Her intuitive ability to efficiently generate poses and effectively capture our ‘miracle of life’ transformation resulted in a comfortable and fun photo session with both Mom & Dad-to-be. We look forward to cherishing the lasting memories of this unique life experience though both print and digital media.

– Doug & Genevieve

Kimberly shot my maternity photos one week before I gave birth. She instantly made me feel at ease and she did the kind of shots I wanted. When I got the proofs back, I couldn’t believe how awesome I looked (excuse me for “tooting my own horn”). Everyone I showed the photos too were very impressed. I loved the photos so much that we went back for family photos when our son was 6 months old. Again, she managed to put my camera-shy husband at ease and make our son smile continuously. The 70 proofs were so perfect that we’ve had a really hard time deciding on which ones to order. She captured some priceless looks on our son’s face too. . . . I highly recommend Kimberly. Two of my girlfriends also used her (that’s how I found out about her) and they had the same wonderful experience.

– Eden Fellner

We visited Kim to have some pictures taken of our active 11 month old son. We were not prepared for the challenge ahead, however Kim was! She was very patient and understanding of his active and energetic, sometimes cranky behaviour and gave us many top tips to get him to keep still. It ended up being fun and the resulting pictures were fantastic! The active shots were especially great, far better than I had expected (considering his mood) and totally captured our son’s energy and personality. We were so happy to have chosen someone so professional and calm, and obviously experienced with active babies! Thank you Kim, for the fabulous pictures and great experience.

– Rosalind & Michael McNames

I received my photos early. Thank you. They’re amazing! I love them. Thank you for being so talented. I want to spend some time figuring out what I want to order. I’ll find some frames that I like first and the I’ll get in touch with you this week. Thanks again.

– Shannon Carter

What absolutely wonderful photos you took of our family and our two little girls. The shots were so candid, natural…..just terrific. My husband and I were amazed the way you were able to get the kids to listen to you and the rapport you had with them. I think this showed in the photos as they really looked like they were having a great time. We can hardly wait to display our photos proudly on our walls. I would highly recommend Eclipse.

– Marg Watson

I have been working with Eclipse photography for years. Kim has done a variety of photo shoots for me ranging from boudoir, wedding, & baby photos.

In my dealings with Kim, I’ve always found her to be incredibly professional & fun. She is open to ideas for poses and has always worked with me to capture my best attributes. She is also very good at putting people at ease. My husband is not one to enjoy having his photo taken but she was able to work with him to ensure we had some beautiful pictures to remember our wedding day. She’s also very good with children. The first photo shoot she did with my daughter was when she was 6 months old. We’d just flown in from Ontario & she had major jet lag. I thought the shoot would go horribly because she was so cranky. I should have known better. Kim was able to work with her to get some beautiful photos done quickly so she didn’t even get time to be fussy. As I mentioned we are from Ontario. I started working with Kim when I was still on the west coast & I still try to plan my photo needs around visits home so I can work with Kim.

– Emily Rafftery

Kim has been an amazing photographer for my headshots. Each session has given me more than what was needed to find the ones I would use. I am so pleased with her professional work and continue to bus all the way to Deep Cove to get my fabulous headshots!

– Lori Henry, Editor, 

My wife Nancy and i were very impressed with the maternity pictures that you took for us. We were nervous at first, but you quickly made us feel very comfortable! Thanks you for the awesome pictures.

– Shawn and Nancy Iacutone

This was my first professional photography session of this kind ( a nudee!). I was really nervous and unsure of what to expect. Kim was quick to put me at ease and be relaxed, so I actually had fun and took some good pictures. I felt like I had my best girlfriend there to tell me what honestly looked good,( and didn’t !) as well as the professionalism of a capable and confident photographer. My photos looked GREAT! Thanks to the patience and expertise of such a fine artist, I have the photos I wanted. If you’ve thought about wanting to have professional photos taken of yourself, family or special occasion, I would not hesitate to put such a task into Kim’s good hands. Thank-you, Kim!

– Wendy

We are first time parents who arrived at the Eclipse Photography studio with a 1-week-old newborn. We were anxious and hopeful about the photo session with our baby girl. As it turned out, after meeting Kim at Eclipse Photography, we did not need to worry. Upon our arrival, we were given an opportunity to review preferred poses. Kim also provided us with her skilled guidance and directions to maximize our experience during the session. Our nervousness and the occasional “accident” by the baby were washed away by Kim’s easy-going manner. We were given plenty of time to collectively prepare ourselves for each photo set and were made comfortable, which translated onto the photos. Overall, our expectations were far exceeded. The quality of the photos was impressive. We would recommend Eclipse Photography for anyone seeking professional photographs.

– Atelka Turney and Kevin Wong

All I can say is that Kim is unbelievable. She is patient, caring and above all…professional. My wife and I brought our week old baby to her studio and she made us feel at home. The lil guy wasn’t cooperating at first but Kim was patient and made sure to get the PERFECT shot for us. I want to thank you Kim for everything…even the little accident our boy made. We will definitely be using your services again in the future when Alexander is a bit older for some more pictures. All the best to you.

– Frederick, Nina & Alexander

My experience with Eclipse Photography in particular with Kimberly Mara, has been top notch from start to finish. I had first considered maternity shots when I was pregnant with my third child after never having pictures of this special time in my life with my previous two pregnancies. I consider my self to be very particular in my tastes and what I wanted was a photographer who could capture my body and belly in a way that expressed how I felt pregnant. As someone who has always been unhappy with my body, I was during pregnancy, feeling beautiful in a way I had never had before. I was definitely shy to be getting in front of the camera so exposed, but I felt nothing but comfortable throughout the whole photo shoot. In fact with Kim being in the dark while shooting, I almost forgot she was there except for the quiet direction she gave. She has a way of capturing your best angle. No double chins and for someone who is short, she made my legs look a mile long (God Bless her!). Kimberley has been nothing short of super every time we have dealt with her. We absolutely love our pictures. Simply put they are art! Her work has allowed us to capture this amazing experience of pregnancy for us to remember always. I consistently refer her to anyone who will listen!

– Kimberley & James Coyne, Squamish, BC

Thank you very much for such an enjoyable photo shoot! You were great with making Olivia feel comfortable and happy, and you were able to get a lot of cute smiles out of her! I am very happy with the photos and look forward to doing it again, & next time we will also bring my husband, for a family photo shoot. Overall, our experience was great and I couldn’t be happier with the photos 🙂 I will happily recommend you and your services with confidence.

– Tracey & Olivia

We were recommended to Kim by a friend who couldn’t say enough about the positive and fun experience she and her husband had during their maternity photo shoot. However, even more compelling and convincing than my friend’s words of praise was her showing me the photos from their shoot. They were simply stunning. Over a year later, my husband and I, pregnant with our first child, contacted Kim and had an amazing maternity shoot. We were excited and slightly apprehensive, never having had formal photos, and certainly never in such an intimate setting. We immediately felt comfortable with Kim, as if we were old friends. We loved every minute of it and the end result was amazing photos that we will cherish forever. Since our photo shoot, one of my girl friends and her husband went to Kim for their maternity shoot and they too, were thrilled. Thank you Kim, for your expertise, sensitivity, passion, & for capturing such a beautiful time in our lives! See you for child #2!

We returned to Kim for our second photo shoot several months after the birth of our second child. This time, we did a family photo shoot along with our 3 year old boy who himself was first photographed by Kim before making his official world debut! In addition to Kim being as remarkably intuitive and easy with us and our infant daughter as she was three years prior in our maternity shoot with our son, we saw a different side of Kim in this shoot as she interacted so easily and magically with our toddler. Regardless of the child’s age, she seems to know how to engage, connect and elicit those special looks, glances, smiles, and the most natural beauty and innocence of the moment. And, like our last shoot, Kim spoiled us with amazingly beautiful photos. And now, we eagerly await our enlargements which will dress our bedroom walls with love, laughter, and joy. Thank you again Kim! You’re wonderful!

The first time I ever saw Kimberly’s photography of newborns I knew if I had a baby they would be photographed by Kim. My 10 day old, 6 lb daughter wand I had a photo shoot at Kimberly’s studio on a hot sunny August afternoon. Wow! What an afternoon, I imagine not very different from most mom and baby experiences. Kimberly immediately made us feel comfortable and right at home in her studio. There was lots of laughs, sweat and tears and baby poo and pee on me and on the studio floor. As tough as the experience was the outcome was absolutely worth every minute. There are many exceptionally special pictures of my new daughter and I. Kimberly’s talent beamed through as she was able to capture some of the most tender moments with my new baby girl. My favorite photos were enlarged and my family will cherish them forever. Thank you.

– Kristine Skinner

I wanted to thank you for an awesome experience. You made me fill so relaxed and I had so much fun. My inner model came out with your encouragement. I had so many pictures to choose from; I had a hard time choosing. After the maternity photos, I couldn’t wait to have my baby and get her photos done. The newborn photos were just as amazing. I am so glad we chose you. It’s not enough to be technically talented – which you are, but it is obvious that you love it too. We will definitely be coming back to you as our family grows. Thank you again.

– Chad, Lynda, and baby Delilah Friesen

Both Brenden and I were a little nervous going into the photo shoot, as we had never done anything like this before. But from the moment we met you, we immediately felt at ease. We felt so comfortable the entire shoot, and had lots of fun while doing it. You captured so many great photos, it was nearly impossible to choose which ones to develop, because each one was so amazing. I have and will continue to recommend you to everyone I know, and look forward to working with you again.

– Allisha and Brenden

We were so pleased to have found Kim at Eclipse photography. She made us feel so at ease during our photos and was able to capture some of the most precious moments of our lives. Our pregnancy was a wonderful surprise and a blessing. Now to have memories of that wonderful time are absolutely priceless to us. Later, following the birth of our beautiful son Jackson, we had a sitting with Kim, at first we were concerned because our little man was having an “off” day. We were worried that our pics wouldn’t turn out yet Kim was able to capture the essence of our beautiful boy and looking at the pictures you would never know that he cried through much of the 2hrs!! We couldn’t be happier with the pictures and Kim’s wonderful work. We think that our pictures are truly spectacular (but then again, we are biased!). Thank you again Kim for commemorating such special moments in our lives. We look forward to seeing you again soon – hopefully with baby #2!!

– Brian Lock and Amanda Allen

Kim, Thanks so much for the photos — we picked them up the other day and we really like what we saw. You were right — there are definitely some soon-to-be-favourites in there. It’s going to be hard to choose only a few to get framed. Thanks also for your comforting manner and style. You made me comfortable, and helped herd my husband and two teens with grace and ease, making our photo shoot fun for everyone.

– Jacqueline Mavin

As I look through all the photos to pick some as Christmas gifts, it’s so HARD. There are so many fabulous photos. You really captured the essence of our family and the love we feel for our new baby girl. These photos commemorate that special once in a lifetime event! Thank you.

– Krista and Perry (and Emma too!)

Wow. We are looking at the photos you took of our baby girl and remembering the experience with nostalgia. Thank you so much for creating these lasting mementos of our baby. We really appreciated how good you were with us and with the baby during the photoshoot. Your patience, sense of detail, & ability to put us at ease, shows in each and every photo you took. Thank you.

– Penny, Warren and Caetlyn

Thank you so much for taking those amazing photos of us. We had lots of fun while we were taking the photos too. You made us feel so confident and comfortable in front of the camera. It is wonderful to share them with all my family and friends. We all like your photo style. It brings us the feeling of pure happiness when we look back on our beautiful black and white photos. You captured all those moments that will now stay forever with us. You have a gift to be able give us a “key” to go back to this pregnant period in our lives, and unlock those memories after many years. Thank you for that!

– Roc and Fiona

We just received our photos from Kimberly and I am so excited!! So many of them are just gorgeous! I don’t know how we’ll choose which ones to enlarge for ourselves and for our families. Our son cried for most of the shoot and I was worried that we might not have many “happy” pictures to chose from, but in the photos our little guy looks content and peaceful. I don’t know how Kimberly captured those few moments, but she did! Not only did our little one look adorable, but so did my husband and myself. I showed the pictures to friends and they all commented on how good we looked. We have never had professional pictures taken before and we are very happy with Kimberly’s work. If we are so lucky to have another child we will definitely see Kimberly again for photos.

– Steph Monaghan

Thank you for an amazing photo shoot. We just received the photos and are so happy–they are beautiful! Although I feel large and uncomfortable, the photos capture how truly beautiful I am as a pregnant woman. These photos are such an incredibly precious gift for us, thank you. You have given us an incredible memento for our daughter.

– Alison Huggins

We walked into Kim’s studio feeling a little nervous with our 5 day old son, Hakam, but that quickly changed. Kim made us feel very welcomed and she was very caring and nurturing toward our son. When our son became fussy during the photo shoot Kim gave us the time to calm him down. We did not feel pressured or rushed, Kim gave us the time to sooth Hakam. The pictures turned out amazing. We have shown the pictures to family and friends who were very impressed with her work. Kim did an exceptional job. We had the hardest time choosing what photos we wanted to get enlarged, they all turned out so good. We would go back to Kim for future photos and would recommend her to anyone.

– Sukh and Karen

Thank you for the wonderful photo shoot. We had a great experience bringing our 6 month old daughter to your studio. You did a wonderful job of making us and our daughter feel comfortable. You interacted so well with her to get great smiles. We are thrilled with the resulting pictures! We had a very difficult time choosing only a few pictures for enlargements, they are all so beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful experience. We would recommend you to anyone looking for special photographs of their baby. Thank you again.

– Jackie , Ryan, Marissa

I was 8 months pregnant when I had my maternity photo session with Kim. I have to say that I was pretty anxious about being photographed without any clothing on, but Kim made me feel comfortable in her studio. Kim is more than a photographer, she is very artistic and pays very close attention to detail. I brought some of my own clothing but Kim has “stuff” of her own that we used to capture beautiful images. I purchased the package that included all my proofs in an album and I must say, I am very happy that I have all the photos to look back at. Being my last pregnancy, they serve as a great memory for me to refer back to.

– Kathie

Eclipse Photography was a wonderful choice for my maternity photos. If I was going to show my body to a photographer, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. Kimberly, of Eclipse Photography was an ideal photographer. She made me feel at ease, making the experience one that I will always remember and cherish. I had an amazing experience working with Kimberly and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so very much. Once I received my photos I was truly amazed as to how beautiful they were. The shots were just phenomenal, and made me so grateful that I chose to do the maternity photo shoot with Eclipse Photography. It was truly an amazing experience that surpassed my expectations. I can’t wait until I am pregnant again to get the opportunity to experience this once again. I just love my photos!!!! Thanks so much Kim! You have made us feel more like a family, and have given us memories to cherish forever! Thanks again.

– Olivia Paladino

Wow! Our pictures are just amazing. I can not believe how awesome our maternity photos turned out. My husband and I were both extremely nervous on our way to the studio, not knowing what to expect. Once we got there, Kim made us both feel so comfortable. We felt as though Kim was a long lost friend. We enjoyed ourselves and actually had fun with all the different poses and lighting choices. Two and a half weeks later, we were back to have our newborn pictures. As a first time mom, I was quite nervous to take my newborn to the studio and completely undress him for two hours. Again. Kim made me so comfortable and totally understood all the accidents that could and would happen. Kim is so prepared for all types of ” oops”. We have since received all of our pictures, and they are absolutely phenomenal. We are so happy we did the maternity and baby pictures. It really captures the whole pregnancy experience in a way I never imagined before. I can’t believe how adorable the baby pictures are. They look like they are straight out of a magazine! We can not decide what pictures we want copies of yet, it’s way too hard to decide, when you love every single one! I have been telling everyone I know about how amazing Kim is. I will be using Kim in the future, and look forward to working with her again! Thanks so much Kim! You have made us feel more like a family, and have given us memories to cherish forever!

– Natasha, Andrew & Ashtyn Funk

I hesitated before committing to a maternity photo shoot but I knew I wanted to capture this unique physical and emotional time in a more formal way than snapshots. I am so thankful I did! My maternity photos are gorgeous. I look through my album of proofs regularly to recall my pregnancy – which only 3 months later I’m already nostalgic about! Friends and family also enjoy looking at these captivating professional photos. We were so happy with the maternity photos, that we also did the newborn photo shoot! It feels great to have a beautiful record of our son’s first weeks … taking the pressure off my scrap-booking endeavors! Kim’s studio has everything we needed! She offered us chocolates and mineral water to enjoy before the photography session as we relaxed on a comfortable couch looking through albums to select our favourite types of photos. The stocked large bathroom (including diapers and wipes!) with big mirrors came in very handy. We both felt very comfortable!

– Alexandra Johnson

The atmosphere at our family photo shoot was both fun & professional. We were immediately put at ease by Kim and our kids were able to tolerate 2 hours of pictures, a small miracle!! Kim definitely has a special way with kids. We knew things were going to turn out great when our 3 year old & 10 month old gave lots of smiles & laughs. We are thrilled with our beautiful pictures and can’t wait to hang them on our walls. You know they are good when they make your mom cry when she looks at them!! Thank you so much Kim for capturing the unique spirit of our family, we will treasure these images always.

– Alison, Rob, Sydney & Emma

Thank you so incredibly much for capturing my pregnancy so beautifully! The photos you took are above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined. You have such an astute eye and I was always positioned so perfectly in each photo. We love the variety of shots and are having a tough time choosing just a few as our favourites as they are all so great. The shoot itself was such a wonderful experience and really brought my husband and I closer together and helped us to connect even more to our pregnancy and baby. You were so professional yet made us feel so comfortable like we had known you for years! We’ve recommended you to all of our family and friends. They were blown away with our photos so you’ll be seeing them soon! And of course, we can’t wait to come in for some baby photos! Thank you for the wonderful experience and memories, Kim.

– Julie and Blair

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful pictures you took of us and our little baby. We were so pleased with how easy and relaxed you made the session for us and of course the outcome pictures are just wonderful. We are still struggling to pick which ones to have printed for albums and our family. Thanks again.

– Nicola Higgins-Diaz

After deciding to get maternity photos done, I researched various photographers. I came across ‘Eclipse Photography’ and fell in love with the artistry of the photographs on the web, so I booked a photo shoot. A short time later, I had received news that all mothers-to-be dread….’there may be a problem with the baby’. After hearing this, I didn’t want to go through with it. After all, why would I want to remember the worst time in my life? I felt like the world was against me and all I could do was cry. My husband convinced me that I would forever regret it if I didn’t go. So I went, and he was right. Kim was amazing, she made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. I had forgotten all those bad feelings and thoughts and became a happy, expectant mother again, even if only for a little while. When I picked up the photos I was amazed, there was not one photo I didn’t like. Everything surpassed my expectations and I was once again impressed by her artistry. Even now when I look through the photos I am awed by their beauty. If you are like me and didn’t have the perfect pregnancy and think you might just want to forget this time of your life, don’t, you will regret it. The only regret I now have is that I didn’t book a shoot with my newborn. Oh well, next time…

– Moira Huxley and healthy baby girl, Olivia

I had an absolutely wonderful experience with you during my maternity photo shoot. Since I was a month away from being due to give birth, I was getting to that uncomfortable stage of pregnancy and I really wasn’t sure how the photos would turn out. I must say that not only was I comfortable in my own skin, but you made me feel so relaxed that I was able to embrace the moment and have fun with it all. I am so happy that I did this and would highly recommend the same to other pregnant women. I was so excited to receive the photos. Your skill as a photographer is clearly evident in all the photos you took. I especially like the artistry of your body shots and the way you utilize light in the black and white photos. I also truly appreciate your professionalism and the welcoming studio you’ve created so that one feels at ease and natural for the camera. Thanks so much for the fabulous photos. They’ll be cherished for years to come.

– Laura Clark

I had done a lot of research before I picked your studio. It turned out to be an amazing shooting experience. I LOVE the photos so much! I showed them to my family and friends with great pride. Though my baby girl was a little nervous and fussy during the shoot, you cheered her up and captured her smile. Thank you for your great patience! Your job is awesome! Definitely I will visit your studio in the future!

– Yanyan Hongr

Having had two previous photo shoots at Eclipse we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed a third time around. The first being the maternity photo shoot which turned out absolutely amazing by the way. Your attention to detail definitely showed in the pictures that we received. Everybody that looked through the multiple albums couldn’t stop asking where we had them done. My girlfriends who plan on having babies are all so excited to have their maternal photos done by you so they can have wonderful pictures to spread throughout their homes and in their family albums too. After the birth of our daughter Kyra, we were given a very gracious gift by my sister for a second photo shoot for newborn pictures. It was one of the most difficult times for me trying to keep the little one happy, but you were very encouraging and so patient and you again produced the most beautiful images of our little princess that will last a lifetime. My hubby and I spent so much time trying to decide which proofs to have blown up. Each and every image was priceless and it took us forever trying to determine which one was better than the other, as they were all fantastic. Once our little boy Ryder came into this world we knew there was only one place to go for memories this important to be captured, and you again brought smiles to our faces and AGAIN left us undecided on which pictures we wanted. Thank you also for having the chocolates and basketful of toys there to entice our daughter into the photos with when she lost interest and you have more towels than a spa has, to clean up all the little puddles our little boy made. Thank you again for your professionalism and patience. You are truly genuine, and make every photo shoot so very comfortable and inviting. When anyone asks us where to go to have photos done, they’ll be coming YOUR way. Thanks ever so much.

– Jaime, Brook, Kyra and Ryder

Thank you very much for taking such wonderful portraits of our newborn baby Carter, they turned out better than we could have imagined. We are having trouble picking out our favorites. You were wonderful with Carter (even through his little “accidents”…sorry about your towels.) We would most definitely recommend your services to anyone looking for family photos. Thanks again.

– Lori & Chris

Thank you again so much for the photos you took. We are extremely pleased with the results. Going in to this I was thinking that I’d be happy if I had one or two that turned out really great, but in the end there were so many that we liked, we had trouble deciding which ones to enlarge.

The whole experience was a lot of fun and you made it very comfortable for us.

– Karen & Patrick Koch

Having the maternity photos taken was such a great experience. We were a little nervous at first, but Kim was very encouraging and provided a very comfortable environment. We were ecstatic when we received the pictures and are very happy that we decided to have them done by Eclipse. Thank you for everything Kim.

– Celeste and Jeff

Thank you so much for taking the amazing maternity photos of us. We had lots of fun while we were taking the photos too. You made us feel very confident and comfortable in front of the camera. It is wonderful to share theses memories with our family and friends. We love your photo style. It brings us the feeling of pure happiness. You have captured these moments and they will stay with us forever! You give us the ‘key’ to go back to this 10 month pregnant period, and reminisce year after year. Thank you!

– Roc and Fiona

Naveah’s pictures are just amazing. Thank you for the capturing this moment for us. Thank you for your patience working with Naveah and capturing her natural smile. Roxy, my wife, is a hard sell and she just loves the pictures. Thank you.

– Ron

I fell in love with so many of Kim’s shots in her online maternity gallery but I really wondered if I would be comfortable enough to get such beautiful, intimate shots. Well, I have recently received the proofs and am delighted with them! Kim was incredibly easy going and friendly, yet always professional. She was amazing with my very uncooperative toddler and with a great deal of patience and professionalism she was able to get some fantastic shots of him even though he was far more interested in chasing her very friendly cat! The studio is stocked with toys to occupy a toddler, treats for fur-kids, beverages in the fridge, choice of music, and a well supplied bathroom complete with clean and comfortable change table for the babes. All in all it was a wonderful experience to celebrate our expanding family and I am delighted with the beautiful, intimate shots that Kim captured. I know that we will cherish these beautiful pictures from this very special time in our lives! Thank you Kim for capturing for us some of those beautiful, intimate shots I had so admired!

– Heather, Kevin & Griffin Wood

Bob and I have looked over the photos that you took of our recent maternity photo shoot. The pictures are fantastic! Your skillful use of shadow and light created some beautiful, striking, meaningful images. Bob and I are VERY happy with the results and are discussing which photos we would like to have enlarged. We just wanted to send you our sincere compliments and thanks for some beautiful art work! When we received the photo’s in the mail I couldn’t wait to open them up. And as you said the photos were beautiful. I am so glad that we got the album all pre made from you. I have went ahead and made wall album with some of the photos for our sons room. I am so happy to say that I will love to look at these photos in 20-30 years from now and still love them. And I am sure my son will too. We’ll be in touch soon.

– Miriam and Bob

I had found you online looking for a photographer that would shoot in black and white. There really aren’t that many around. When I came across your name I was a little hesitant of the nude shooting. When my husband and I came out to the photo shoot your easy going personality, and friendliness let me know that it would be ok to do a nude shoot with you. I thank-you for that. The photo shoot was awesome. I liked how you had wonderful idea’s but then let me put my own twist on things. My husband also loved being in the photos as well, as he didn’t think he would be. When we received the photo’s in the mail I couldn’t wait to open them up. And as you said the photos were beautiful. I am so glad that we got the album all pre made from you. I have went ahead & and made wall album with some of the photos for our sons room. I am so happy to say that I will love to look at these photos in 20-30 years from now and still love them. And I am sure my son will too. We are interested in for sure coming back for a future photo shoot. Thank-You again.

– Connie and Matt Simpson

Kim, The photos you took of me and my Mom are incredible! We had so much fun while taking the photos and could not imagine the photos would turn out so extraordinary. At last, my mom’s beautiful smile is captured in the most amazing way. We left your studio and she could not stop smiling all evening and she told her sister how much fun she had. Thank you! Thank you!

– Maywai

My husband and I were ecstatic to learn we were pregnant last May 2008. To celebrate the joy of our growing family we decided to have a professional photographer document this beautiful miracle in our lives. When Allan and I came upon Eclipse Photography and saw Kimberly’s beautiful photos online, I knew she would be able to capture the happiness and awe of this life altering miracle we are experiencing. Kimberly did not disappoint. She was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. She explained everything, answered all our questions and cleared out some of our concerns. At the photo shoot we were nervous, but Kimberly made my husband and I feel at ease and made the whole experience enjoyable for both of us. The photos, with a lack for a better word, were – beautiful. Allan and I thank you Kimberly for capturing this special moment in our lives.

– Allan and Elinore Reyes

We booked our Maternity photo’s with Eclipse Photography and couldn’t have been happier with both the experience and the outcome. The photo shoot with Kim was a pleasure. She was easy to talk to and her warm personality helped make me more comfortable with such intimate and personal photos. The pictures she took were beautiful (she even handled my toddler’s tantrum with compassion and professionalism!). I would recommend this studio to anybody wanting a lovely experience with a talented photographer. THANK YOU!

– Shannon Lercher

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing pictures you took. I was excited, yet slightly nervous about the “Just for Fun” shoot initially. You quickly put me at ease. The experience was so much fun and your patient, yet outgoing nature left me feeling not only relaxed and comfortable, but exhilarated and empowered. When I received the proofs I was taken aback. I couldn’t believe those shots were of me. Wow! Thank you so much. Amazing photos! I’m so pleased. I would definitely do it again. Thank you again for your time and energy. You do incredible work – take care.

– Tami

Our maternity photos were the first experience my husband and I have had with a professional photographer. And we are more than pleased with the results. When looking for a maternity photographer during pregnancy, Kimberly’s experience and portfolio made eclipse photography our choice as compared to other maternity photographers in the lower mainland. When the time came around to having the photos taken, I admit I was a little nervous about the process and the photo shoot itself. However, upon arriving at Kim’s studio my nerves disappeared. Kim’s positive attitude, personability and enthusiasm for her work immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable. We came to her with a barrage of ideas and she was more than willing to accommodate our wishes for multiple different poses and picture styles. Her honesty about which poses were suitable for my pregnancy shape was sincerely appreciated. She even allowed our boston terrier to be included in some of the photos. Our maternity photos captured the beauty and essence of pregnancy and my husband and I are so thankful and appreciative that Kim took the time to listen to our wants and needs and to create such beautiful images. Thanks Kim for making our first professional photography experience so memorable.

– Lacey & James Forsyth

Everyone takes pictures that they look back on and doing so they relive those moments. The pictures that Kimberly took of us are so beautiful that when we look at them not only do we relive the experience but also the wonderful emotions we felt that day. With her camera she caught the unseen bond between parent and child. There was no barrier between us – just our children’s skin against ours. We could feel their every breath and heart beat and Kimberly was able to capture this in the images she took. The first time we saw the pictures it brought tears to our eyes. You only see these types of photographs in the homes of the rich and famous. We will treasure these photographs always. Our friends and families were struck with the same sense of awe as we were when we first saw these works of art. These are photographs that we will treasure forever!

– Harp and Indu Grewal

WOW!! The photo shoot that you did of me and my family was awesome! You made us all feel so comfortable and relaxed in a your great studio. The kids and I had an amazing time and have never done a professional shoot before – well you ARE professional. It was such an excellent time and we all look fantastic. I do not know which ones to choose I want them all. You even got Sam and Dan to smile with their teeth lol. Thanks for your patience with us and the way you made us look and feel. It was the best 2 hours of our lives.

– Shari Fazio

I recently had a maternity photo shoot at Eclipse Photography with Kimberly. It was an amazing experience. Kimberly is very professional, yet gentle. I loved her entire process from the beginning to end. As soon as I arrived, I was offered bottled water and yummy chocolate we were off to a good start! Kimberly then had me skim through her photo books of her work to choose the feel you would like in your own photos. It totally ensures that you will get what you want. She is very thorough and no time is wasted, by the end of the two hours I was feeling like a mama supermodel and wanted to do it all over again. I was very pleased with my photos, they completely captured the sensuality and innocence I hoped for and I cannot wait to surprise my husband on Christmas day with the two enlargements he knows nothing about!

– Shannon Kostrzewski

We chose Eclipse Photography after pouring over dozens of other websites that specialized in children’s photography. We loved Kim’s work but we were afraid we had missed our opportunity since it was mentioned the best time for a photo shoot for babies was in the newborn stage or when they were not yet crawling. Well our son was not only way beyond the newborn stage, but he was an extremely fast crawler. Kim was so accommodating in setting up our appointment time and our last minute changes regarding what type of photo shoot we had in mind. Not only was she able to take some incredible shots, but the fact she was able to do this by herself, without as assistant, is truly commendable. For those of you who are parents, you know your children don’t always do what you’d like them to do. Well, Kim was able to build an excellent rapport with our son quickly so as to make the most of the shoot. We are so happy with the results. And our friends and family have all been very impressed with the proofs as well. Thanks Kim for suggesting we do the family shoot. We are so glad we did.

– Stuart and Coralie Wallouch

My husband and I have been hoping for a baby for a long time; we were very excited that I was pregnant, and we wanted to celebrate and remember this time in a very special way. Looking for a photographer can be overwhelming, but your website provides a generous number of samples that really show what kind of work you can do, what props are available, and what outfits work best. The samples could be viewed as thumbnails or enlarged, and they were the reason that I contacted you, as I felt that your work consistently captured “the moment”, resulting in warm and endearing images. I didn’t get the same feeling from competitor sites. It was easy to print off the online thumbnails and indicate to you the ones that I really liked. During the photo shoots, you were very interested in making it “our” photo shoot – you wanted to know what kind of photos we were after and you referred to my list frequently. Thank you for your above and beyond service, Kimberly! You continued to show cheerful patience when we had to change the newborn shoot date several times as our little one ended up being 14 days overdue. We were still able to have an appointment near the birth! The studio was warmed up for baby’s comfort and the shoot was on “baby time” – starting late due to a feeding, and taking longer than expected due to baby’s needs but we never felt rushed; you kept the shoot fun while getting the shots that we wanted and keeping everyone comfortable. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience and for such wonderful photos! My husband and I are so thrilled to be parents at last. We wanted to cherish this special time and your photos help us do just that! I’m having a difficult time deciding which ones to order, as I like so many of them. Thank you for capturing some wonderful memories for us that we’ll continue to enjoy in our albums, on our walls and in our hearts.

– Brenda and Charles

I just wanted to say what a great experience we had on our photo shoot with Kimberly. It was our first time doing anything like this as a couple and she made us feel totally comfortable and at ease. She was meticolous and professional in her arrangements and we left feeling that we would have at least a few good shots. As it turned out, our expectations were greatly exceeded. The proofs arrived much sooner than expected and we were amazed at the number of fantastic shots. It was so hard to choose! I would definitely use Eclipse Photography again and would also highly recommend them to friends and family.

– Anita Breeze

Every Photo Shoot I have had with Kim has been an astounding pleasure – her easy confidence erases all discomfort from my mind, and the results show professional perfection!! I find every shot expresses the self confidence, and poise that she pours on me. Her positivity and energy are ideal for her profession, and a must for photographing babies, children and families. My Maternity pics are one of my greatest treasures, showing off the beauty I felt within, I am booking another appointment for my next pregnancy very soon, as I know she can create, inspire and capture exactly what I want to see. You know you have found something amazing when you want to suggest to every pregnant woman you see, to book a shoot with ECLIPSE !!!

– Laura Lea Cook

Thank you many times over for the outstanding maternity photos. I was so nervous at the start, but your professionalism, humour, and patience allowed me to truly enjoy the precious experience. You have an incredible talent to work with light and shadow. As a true master, each pose reveals your passion for your work – as if each pose is the first time you have created such beauty, captivated such joy. Many thanks.

– Kathryn Lissack & Barry Nelson

Eclipse Photography is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! We have received our pictures. I couldn’t believe how amazing they are! MANY thank yous for your patience trying to communicate with us as we couldn’t speak or hear! I am mainly in love with the feet pictures and our baby sitting up with my leg behind him. We will treasure them forever. You have a true talent from capturing the beautiful images that I couldn’t stop showing them to people. Thank you from Legault’s family. MANY THANK YOUS again.

– Joy-Lynn Legault

I recently took my 5-month old, teething child who was also, unfortunately, long overdue for a nap into a photoshoot with Eclipse Photography. Would you believe it, but upon receiving my proofs – every single shot was perfect, as if another child had been there in her place. Kim was the suave professional who knows everything there is about working with children and babies. Her ability to catch the exact right moment to take a shot is impeccable – every time! I’ve never had the experience of not having to wade through the shots that just didn’t come out or looked a little off. Instead, it was excruciatingly difficult to choose which ones to frame. Two days after receiving my proofs, I had a group of mommies and babies over to our house and they caught sight of the pictures. All of them, having experience with family portraits, had the same expression on their faces – a dropped-jaw dumbfounded look of awe. I received so much praise that afternoon for having a knack for picking photographers, but the credit is all Kimberly’s. I couldn’t have been happier with the experience or the outcome. All of my children will be seeing the inside of her studio.

– Janet Neumann

Turning moments into memories ….. I just received my belly pictures, they are FANTASTIC …. Thank you so much, thanks for your vision, your talent, your attitude. You are amazing! You made the experience so easy. You are exactly what I was looking for.You totally captured what I had in mind You really “Turn moments into memories” for the rest of our lives. Thanks a million.

– Virginie

When I heard I was pregnant 2006 I always dreamed of getting pregnancy photos done but I was so shy. I heard about Kim how she was the famous maternity photo lady in North Vancouver, so I gave her a call, she made my whole experience fun comfortable and I was amazed how good she can make you look. I returned with my second pregnancy and baby photos and family photos. Kim was very patient with my 1 and 2 year old and she won’t stop Until she knows she did her best.Thank you Kim for all the fabulous photos and for your amazing work. She’s my photographer for life.

– Harley & Rita Hagedorn

You took so many excellent photos of us and our 6 month old baby Ben. So many great ones, in fact, that it has taken us four months to narrow down the best ones. We wish we had the ability to order them all. The studio experience was a first for us and while Ben was often grumpy and overtired throughout the shoot, your pictures capture the essence of our funny, crafty, affectionate little boy. I can’t believe how great we all look! You captured a moment in time. We will be booking again for the next milestone in our baby’s life.

– The Hetmans

I would like to express my gratitude and thank you for the great experience.My husband and I really enjoyed working with you. You have so much talent.Your eye catches every little detail and that makes a huge difference in the quality of the shot. Your ability to make us comfortable with the camera, immediately put us at ease.There were so many good pictures to choose from that we had a hard time making up our minds! Fantastic moments, worth it, we would recommend it to anyone.

– The Blom Family

The pictures you took of me and my belly and my husband Matt are stunning!!! I can’t even believe that its me! It is such a boost of self confidence because I am sure as you know and hear from many women, some days you feel you look great and some days – not so much. The pictures are just a wonderful memory of such a special time & we have enjoyed them so much, as you predicted, we will come back again and we have been talking about you to everyone pregnant lady we know. Also, I just want you to know that the hype surrounding your work is truly deserved – such talent you have. That day was so much fun for us and we we felt after that even the experience alone, and memory of the day, was worth the money paid and then when we saw the pictures, we were blown away! Hope you have a nice day and we look forward to coming back again with the baby. Thank you so much again for such a wonderful experience!

– Taya and Matt Crawley

My husband and I came to Kim to get my maternity photo’s taken. After doing some research on the internet we decided we liked what Kim was offering. When we went in for our session we were both more than pleased with our experience. For someone like myself who is not a big fan of having my photo taken (especially “posing” for the camera) Kim made everything feel very natural and both my husband and I were very comfortable in her studio. So comfortable in fact we went back 5 days later, without having seen the results of the first shoot, with our new born baby girl. As we predicted we loved all the pictures that were taken and will without a doubt be back to in the future. Thanks Kim for everything.

– David & Bianca Pink

One of the best parts of the entire event was that Kimberly made the session non-threatening and fun for both of us. She’s patient and reassuring, helping you get beautiful poses that you would never dream up (or be able to maintain long enough to take a decent photo) on your own. Her results are definitely breathtaking. You’ll be amazed that your image, through her professional eye, becomes a piece of art. We were so impressed with the maternity shots that we signed up to get family photos taken right away. You won’t be disappointed.

– Jason Parker & Nancy Vertel, Vancouver, BC

On June 13, we had the opportunity to have Kim photograph our new three week old daughter with ourselves. It was an amazing experience; although our daughter cried throughout the entire session (or at least it seemed like it) and I am not very photogenic so I was terrified that the photos would not turn out well. When it came time to pick up the proofs I was nervous about what to expect, needless to say the photographs were phenomenal and I was astounded at how natural we all came across in them. I have many favourites from the session and I can’t wait to display them in our home. Kim was very patient with us and keep reassuring us that we were not the first couple with a crying baby. I highly recommend Kim as a photographer as she was very professional and easy to get along with and her attention to detail made each photograph special. I am looking forward to having Kim take more photographs of our family in the future. I am so glad we came across Eclipse Photography as I don’t think anyone else would have done as beautifully as you. Thank you again, Kim, for everything.

– Sarah, Winston and Alexandria

Thank you so much for the wonderful memories you’ve created! We will cherish these for years to come. ‘We weren’t sure what to expect, but the experience was great. Somehow you got our oldest son to laugh and smile constantly, and put us in a great mood even with our infant fussing, which allowed us to create lasting memories ! The pictures turned out great and they will be something we will remember not just as great photos, but as a great experience.’

– Yen & Alan

With Kim’s professionalism and ability to make us feel comfortable in a potentially uncomfortable and embarrassing situation, our experience at Eclipse Photography was a very memorable one, and we would not think twice about recommending her to any of our family and friends. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and amazing memories.

– Melissa Chequer & Brad Fraser (July 2008)

My husband and I are not photogenic so Kim had a big job on her hands when we came to her at the end of our twin pregnancy. Kim exceeded our expectations, delivering many excellent photos successfully capturing the special moment in our lives. We returned a few short weeks later with our newborn girls and Kim once again impressed us not only with her ability to create and capture so many beautiful moments amongst all the screams but also her incredible patience and professionalism. We look forward to returning to Kim in the future to continue to capture the memories as our family grows. Thanks.

– Andrea & Michael

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say I love your work!. Was doing some research into maternity photography and I wanted to see what other photographers are doing and of the dozen or so I have looked at so far yours is the only work that has made me say “WOW” so I just had to email you and tell you how much I admire your work. Just looking at your maternity photography I must say it is some of the most sensual and glamorous work being done…very classy. Any woman would be getting images to be proud of for years to come to you as her photographer. Those are the kind of images I want to give to anyone who gets in front of my camera too…images to be proud of for many years to come. I am just starting out in my “business” and still building my portfolio and my reputation here in the Iowa USA area. Well I have rambled on long enough…just wanted to tell you how much I admire your work and how much you are inspiring me. I will be coming back often to look at your images and to get that breath of inspiration I need. Your models all look so relaxed and your lighting is just AWESOME!!! Thank you for inspiring me with your wonderful images.

– Troy, Sioux City, Iowa USA

The whole experience of working with Kim and Eclipse photography was fabulous! To start with, the website was easy to find, in great working order, filled with info, reviews from other people and news, AND she had an amazing selection of her work on display! This really made a difference because not only were we confident that she had a lot of experience but we could SEE how she used various poses, shadows, props, and her flare for style. Setting up the appointment was easy and there was no pressure to buy certain packages or spend more than we could budget. When it came to our photo session, the studio was warm (we would be naked/scantily clad after-all), comfortable and inviting. It was great how she gave us time to look through albums and mark out what kind of images we were going after. While it could have been very awkward, Kim made us feel totally comfortable in her space with free use of amenities and time. She eased us into the photo session with easy conversation and helped us to feel comfortable in the various poses. And, she paid such wonderful attention to detail that we had no problem following her instructions and trusting her artistic judgement. When the session was finished she was quick to follow-up and provide us with several options so we could see our proofs as soon as possible. We really appreciated her flexibility, the AWESOME photos and the quick and easy turn around time with ordering. We would definitely recommend Kim and Eclipse Photography to our friends and acquaintances.” Thanks so much Kim.

– Rebecca and Dave Andre

Thanks for our photo session back on January 19/08 with my husband Wes and daughter Charlie. You have a very nice studio and you were very friendly, organized and professional. You did a great job at interacting with our daughter in order to try and capture the perfect shots. Thank you. We’re happy with our pictures and can’t wait to put in our photo order. Thanks again.

– Ryan, Wes and Charlie

I Knew this was going to be my last pregnancy and I knew I wanted to cherish every moment of it. Kimberly Mara did just that. I was nervous going to the shoot knowing that I would have to disrobe and look natural to have successful photos. I didn’t think that was going to be possible considering the anxiety I was feeling. But Kimberly made my husband and I feel like we were “old friends” and we actually had fun! By making us feel so comfortable in the studio our photos projected that feeling and turned out naturally beautiful – AMAZING! The experience was beyond my expectations, but having the last moments of my pregnancy with my daughter captured on film is truly beyond WORDS. Thank you Kimberly for the memories you have created for me!!!

– Kelly Bond

I picked up the pictures tonight and all I can say is WOW! They turned out better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much.

– Tamara

Just wanted to let you know that our family had a wonderful experience at your studio the other day. It was a bit chaotic with the extended family, new baby and dog. But you managed us well. You were wonderfully patient with the less than patient baby and dog. You took the time to listen to our expectations and exceeded them. Even with your tight schedule, you made sure we got all the photos we wanted so you continued to shoot photos until your next clients arrived. We are very thankful for you attention to detail, your kindness and your time. We will definitely return for more wonderful photos. Thanks.

– Christian Cheung

Kim, We were astounded by how many wonderful shots resulted from our photo session, especially given our son was not having is best day and cried for most of the session. We will definitely return for more wonderful photos.

– Tim and Michelle Buttjes

I just want to say how in AWE I am of the energy it took to deal with our two year old dog…. it’s not easy making a dog ‘smile’ or appear at ease… but thankfully Kimberly stuck with it…. picture after picture… very professional… and now we have a brag book of our doggie…. I would definitely recommend Eclipse Studio!!! Kimberly was great!!!

– Isabell Thurston mother to Mazzey

We just wanted to say thank you and that we love getting photos taken with you. In September we had our 4th photo shoot with you and when the girls are older we will come back again to update our photos. Each time we get the proofs I am so excited to see all the wonderful shots and it is so hard to decide which ones to choose. Your attention to detail makes each photo special. We get so many compliments on the baby and maternity pictures we have framed in out house. They are truly works of art.

– Janine, James, Jorja and Gwen

Thank you so very much for providing such a comfortable and professional environment for our maternity shoot. It wasn’t easy choosing a photographer, but as soon as I saw your black and white pictures on your website I knew that we had to give it a try as your pictures were absolutely beautiful. I wasn’t sure what to expect as we booked the sitting, but as we arrived at your studio and got the photo session started I knew we had made a great choice. You are very talented and a pleasure to work with. I honestly didn’t know that I could feel that comfortable taking pictures while being practically nude! You made the whole experience a lot of fun. We recently received the 5×7 pictures and they are simply amazing. I have friends admiring the photographs and impressed on how professional they look. I am definitely looking forward to visiting you again for pictures with the new addition in our family. Thanks once again.

– Carmen, Anthony and Ayden

We recently sat for Kim with our two kids for ‘the family photos’. It was a lot of fun and we got some really fabulous shots. The biggest challenge was deciding which ones to print!!! Kim was wonderful with the kids, her studio is fun and we finished it all off with a family lunch in beautiful Deep Cove. Now we have some beautiful and very artfully captured photos of our kids for posterity and we’d do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Kim, for your wonderful work and a wonderful day!

– Nicole, Mike, Jackson and Zoë

We just wanted to say thanks once again for the great pictures of us you took for our family shoot last month. As this was our first time dealing with a professional photographer we were both a little nervous and not sure what to expect. We could not have been more comfortable with the surroundings or your easy-going personality. We got some amazing shots especially with our four-legged “daughter” ha,ha. After much research on the web, one of the reasons we chose you was for your amazing talent with black and white photos…and you did not disappoint! The hardest part has been choosing which photos to enlarge. Once again, thank you and we look forward to working with you again when we will be expecting our first two-legged child 🙂

– Rachelle and Tullio Fontana

We can’t express our gratitude enough for your wonderful photos of us. We often look at the maternity photos and are in awe that you have captured our happiness on film. It’s taken me so long to finally narrow down the pictures we want to order. I apologize for being “a scatter brained new Mom” who has taken over 10 months to place our order. I just wanted to say that I am extremely fond of your photograhy talent, and aspire to one day be as amazing as you, Kim. We hope to work with you again for family photos before you zip off with National Geographic. Thanks so much for the everlasting memories. Thanks again.

– Anita, Tavis and Aidan our son, The Thomsons

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I knew instantly I wanted to capture this incredible time in my life. I spent many hours on the internet searching for the right photographer. I discovered Eclipse Photography when I picked up a copy of the 2007 Baby Guide. From the moment you walk through Eclipse studio doors, you instantly feel comfortable. Kim has such a warm personality & her passion for photography shows through. Kim pays close attention to detail and her ability to capture the most incredible intimate moments is breathtaking. Even before I had seen my maternity photos, I was already planning my photo session with my soon to be newborn. Photographs from both photo sessions were so beautiful and we found it very difficult to choose the best ones. They were all the best ones! Thank you so much Kim for the most memorable photographic experience and beautiful portraits with both my maternity and family photo session. You are truly a master at what you do!

– Kimberly, Gordon and Baby Nayeli

Just a note to thank you so very much for providing such a comfortable, fun and professional environment for my maternity shoot. It was a great afternoon celebrating this new chapter with you. We love the pictures. You really captured the magic of my nine month journey. We’re really pleased that we also did our family shoot as well with you, bringing little Ruby back to you was so much fun. You have the patience of a saint with mom, dad and the wee one. We can’t wait to see the Family / Baby pictures. Thanks again, we would highly recommend Eclipse Photography… you have a gift.

– Janice, Vince & Ruby Jandrisch

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful proofs that we received of our family photo shoot. They far surpassed my expectations considering we have two children under 2 1/2 years old. You were able to catch the magical expressions in their faces at the perfect moment something only a true professional can do. I am very excited to get the actual photographs to frame them and proudly display throughout our home. As this was our second encounter with Eclipse Photography (the first was a maternity shoot) I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to you again in the future as I know I can rely on the quality of your work Thanks again for capturing those precious “moments in time”!

– Sabrina Gunhold

Just dropping you an email to say thank you for my headshots and accommodating me so quickly. I really appreciate you finding time for me on such short notice. I love the photos–you did a terrific job. However, the last one you did (with my arms crossed in the air behind my head) has disappeared! My wife stole it as soon as she saw it. I think she said something about her liking it too as she was running down the stairs. Thanks again for taking such super pictures.

– John Mavin,

I wanted to thank you for the terrific pictures we received from you. Both the maternity and the family/baby shots were great. They are loved by many family and friends and especially Chris and I. Something that we will cherish for years to come. We loved working with you and at your studio (both the old and the brand new studio). You made us all feel very comfortable and did a wonderful job. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to put me at ease while shooting nude photos of my self at 34 weeks pregnant. You were also very calm and patient with our two week old baby Jessica. We are extremely proud to show off all of our photos. Many of our friends hope to use you when they are expecting and we will definitely use ECLIPSE for baby number two. Thanks Again!

– Cathy, Chris & Jessica Knight

Thanks for the amazing photos Kim! They are great! I am beyond impressed, I tell everyone about you!! I hope that my friends take my advice and come to see you. I myself will be coming back for family portraits this summer. Can’t wait!

– Courtney M.

We just wanted to write a few lines letting you know about our experience with you at ‘Eclipse Photography.’ First off, we were very impressed with your set up, it was very professional and very particular to detail. You had everything there that a family would need, from the big important stuff such as heaters for the babies, warm towels, etc… all the way down to diapers in the washroom! We were very comfortable with you as soon as we met you, which is probably one of the most important ways to get great pictures. Our baby also stayed calm and attentive for the whole 2 hours, also an indication of your warmth and caring. During the photo shoot we were impressed with the way you took control, set up the photo, and paid such particular attention to the smallest details, taking time to set up each photo perfectly. The end result, we received in the mail a very short time later (the turn around time for the pix. was very fast- only a few days). The pictures were amazing! We love every one of them and are going to have a difficult time choosing which to enlarge! We have shared them with friends and family and they all love them as well. We thank you for capturing these very special moments with our precious little miracle, they are truly ‘once in a life time’ shots…

– Yvonne, Gustav and baby Connor Klos

Carlos and I want to thank you so much for the amazing job you did with our family photo shoot. I don’t know how you did it but you made us so comfortable and that really showed in our pictures that look so natural. We’ve showed many family and friends and they are very impressed. The only problem was trying to choose between so many great shots! We will definitely recommend you to friends and relatives, and be coming back to see you for future memorable moments we want captured on film. We will definitely refer you to all of our friends… Thanks again!

– Carlos, Tina and Nolan Batista

Thanks so much for our photos, we love them. Also thanks again for making us (and our baby) feel very comfortable and relaxed during the shoot…. it was great….you were VERY patient with our little one… and in doing so we got some really great shots. We really appreciated your timely return of emails as well – this made the whole ordering process easy. Jamie and I were very happy with the service and quality of photos that we received from Eclipse. Thank you. We will definitely refer you to all of our friends… Thanks again.

– Natalie, Jamie and Ella

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing pictures you took! I remember how worried I was (Lucia was crying most of the time!), yet the pictures turned out wonderful!!! You can only see her crying in a few of them, and she still looks very cute even then! Thank you, I hate to hear my daughter cry, but I’m glad to see that it was totally worth it. Thank you too for the complementary picture of Lucia and I ( and you were right, it turned out to be my favourite one as you suggested!). We will see you again,

– Mike and Carmen Elliot

It’s not every day I agree to have a photo taken of me. I am a bit camera-shy, as I don’t feel most photographs flatter me. When we were first married, my husband wanted to take some boudoir shots of his own with a Polaroid camera, but having seen the print quality, there was no way I would let that happen! So boudoir photos will be the best ever *surprise* anniversary gift! I know he will be blown away, and will treasure those photos, as I will, too. In choosing my photographer, I checked out 2 websites. “Eclipse Photography” came highly recommended. I knew Kim was the right choice when I compared website portfolios. Both photographers clearly are talented artists, but Kim’s website was sheer magic! Many of the models were everyday women just like me, yet the images of them seemed to transcend the ordinary, and transform to something beautiful. So I gathered up my nerve and all the positive body image I could summon, and booked a studio appointment. Amanda, (Kim’s assistant) helped with all the arrangements, even booking a makeup artist for me who would come to the studio before the shoot. Kim has a talented eye for framing her subject, and for what outfits and poses will look great on film. I looked through several albums of her work, marking those that stood out for me. She thinks first about how to capture the look her clients want, then makes it happen! She also communicates well with her clients, and can make them feel at ease (even when they’re not wearing many clothes!). The proofs arrived in less than 10 business days, as promised, which is nice as the suspense was killing me! It’ll be hard to decide which pics to enlarge, of all those great shots. Thanks again! The entire experience was wonderful.

– Trish

I absolutely LOVE my shots!!!! As usual you did an amazing job. You made me look gorgeous and I’m really picky about how I look in photos! The problem now is…. I can’t choose which one to blow up bigger! There are too many great ones. THANK YOU! It was so much fun to feel so beautiful.

– Meghan

We received our proofs today, by the courier. All I can say is WOW. I was expecting there to be about 5 or 10 shots to choose from that we loved. But, Instead there are hardly any that aren’t totally great in over 100 shots that you took of us. The hardest part is going to be choosing our favorites to blow up. I really love them all. Our experience was wonderful. Thank you. I felt totally comfortable and you managed to get great shots with my 2 year old, who was totally uncooperative, but came out looking angelic and perfect in photo after photo. My husband and I love the intimate photos and the way you captured the special time in our lives. Thank you again. I will recommend you to all my friends!!! Thank you so much for making photos that make me look so good, better than I feel I look right now!

– Miel Bernstein and Claus Brunner

It has taken me a while to get to writing this.I just wanted to say Thank you so much for your patience and kindness at our photo shoot. You made my twin boys Akaash and Arjan look even more beautiful than I could have hoped for. It has been very difficult trying to decide which pictures to enlarge, as they all turned out so wonderful. You have a great gift, thank you for sharing it with us. All the best, and we’ll come see you when the next one arrives!

– Susan Bachhal

Jamie and I were very impressed with your enthusiasm and creative style in your photography work. We were very impressed by the quality of our photos and we will definitely recommend you to our friends. We found you really easy to work with and appreciated your dedication to getting a really great shot. Thanks again.

– Natalie and Jamie

My experience having my pregnancy photos taken at ECLIPSE Photography was a great one. I’m not a fan of having my picture taken but really wanted to capture my pregnancy in a very personal and intimate way. Kimberly, and the environment made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I never thought I would take “nuddie” shots, but felt so at ease and saw how beautiful the other photos were I really wanted to give it a shot… no pun intended. As it turns out Tim’s favourite shot is the “Demi” shot. Now I can’t wait to bring in our baby for his memorable baby shots as well…. maybe I can even convince daddy to have his photo taken as well.

– Michelle Craig

In the days leading up to our first photo shoot, with me 8 ½ months pregnant, I was really nervous. Would you be the creative photographer we were looking for? Would I feel comfortable being naked or barely dressed in front of the camera? And if I did manage to get comfortable, would I like the photos of me? But all of my fears melted within minutes of coming into your studio. Your friendly and engaging manner made me and my husband feel at ease almost immediately, your creativity was apparent within the first few shots, and it was easy to see how conscientious you were about the lighting and the angle of each shot so I knew our pictures would turn out well. And, of course, they did! I was so excited when I saw the proofs that I think I showed them to everyone and the comments from friends and family were so flattering! The second photo shoot, with our new addition, went equally as well. Even though Benjamin had his “moments”, you persevered and your patience with him and us was really outstanding. And once again we ended up with so many incredible proofs that it has taken us a few months to decide which photos we should get enlarged. Thank you for two amazing photo shoots, Kim – we truly enjoyed our experience! We will certainly be back to see you again for the next pregnancy and the next round of family shots, and we will continue to recommend Eclipse Photography to our family and friends..

– Jillian, Greg, and Benjamin

I just want every one to know how much I enjoyed having my pictures taken by Kim at Eclipse. At first I was very nervous being large with child and practically naked, but Kim put me at ease immediately with her calmness and easy going nature. I was uncomfortable at first because I thought there might be men there, but soon found out it was just Kim there and her female assistant in the office…which I was greatly relieved to see. Kim made me feel beautiful and glamourous, quite a challenge at 7.5 monthes pregnant. Her pictures of me turned out very flattering. She has a way with her camera to only show the best part of you, and leave out the unwanted lumps and bumps!!!! I will show my friends the pictures with confidence. I looked around all over Vancouver and kept coming back to Eclipse. I drove across the city to see her, and it was well worth the drive! Thank you Kim!!!

– Lindsey Pugh

We first came in contact with Kimberly six years ago through an advertisement in the yellow pages. We were looking for something creative – a refreshing approach to the traditional children’s portrait session and her advertisement seemed to have flair! Kimberly was very accommodating when we arrived with magazine photos and changes of clothes in hand asking for something “different”. (I’m sure anywhere else we would have been considered the nightmare clients but she was very welcoming!) We were surprised at her enthusiasm and even ended up becoming involved in some of the photos ourselves when she asked my husband and I to step in. Though neither of us had come prepared to have our own photos taken, she took some of the nicest ones we’d ever had! Obviously, she had a talent for photographing people! In short, we ended up with many beautiful, and unique portraits that we’ve been very proud to display in our home. They certainly were creative and fresh in their format and we have since had many people admire them and ask about the photographer that took the photos. Six years later and with 2 quickly growing girls, I decided this past fall to call Kimberly and have her take some more photos of us. We weren’t surprised when she showed us her newer, expanded studio NOR were we surprised to hear of her many professional accomplishments since we last saw her. And …Once again, I am sitting here at home struggling to choose from the many beautiful proofs that she sent us! Whichever ones we decide on, we will be certain to display them for years to come with pride as we develop our photo collage of beautiful and unique portraits in our hall. These portraits from the different phases in our lives are among our most precious possessions. I would strongly recommend Kimberly to anyone wanting to capture such special images with a creative and tasteful approach! In a few years, we will be sure to call on her again!

– Connie Flavelle, Maple Ridge, BC

Thank you very much for the wonderful photos. Barry and I really love them so much that we will for sure come back for future takes. Our only problem like the first time is that it is very difficult to pick which photos to enlarge. We are happy with all the shots and we are for sure going to come back again. Hopefully, you will never get tired of our faces. I will for sure order until we decide which of the pictures to use. Thank you again.


I would like to thank everyone so very much for all of your help and outstanding customer service. I truly enjoyed the family photography session and found the experience to be much more comfortable and rewarding than I had expected. The best gift my aunt gave me was to recommend Kimberly Mara for my baby pictures. Kimberly was so personable and funny, and at the same time she was very professional. She was able to make us all feel very comfortable in front of the camera. I was a bit nervous to do the shoot, but, after having done it I am so glad I decided to do it. I thought looking through the books and marking my favorite pictures was a brilliant idea as it gave Kimberly a good idea of what type of pictures I liked. My photos turned out beautiful and it was money well spent. She has a gift to turn pictures into works of art. The pictures are just so creative and unique. I was overjoyed when I got them in the mail! These pictures of my baby are priceless and I am so happy to know that this stage in her life will be captured forever on film. In the future, I will always get all my professional pictures done from Eclipse Photography.

– Reema McGonagle

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know I am in love with the pictures you took of Jaden and Nicholas. With the help of a few family members I have finally narrowed it down to one head shot each. At first I didn’t think it would be possible, as I really love so many of them. I am really happy with the choices though. Just know I will recommend any one and everyone to your studio. My family members are already asking where I got these done and saying they want to get there kids pictures done. We had a lot of fun and the results are amazing ….so thanks again.

– Nicki, Jaden and Nicholas Grigg

This is our second time working with Kim and we are once again 100% satisfied. Kim is thorough and knows how to make efficient use of our time. For example, our 22 month son was getting really tired and Kim was constantly trying to keep him happy despite his fatigue. After viewing the proofs I was amazed at how gorgeous he came out in the photos. It is imperative to work with a photographer who is fun, honest and professional all in one. The results are always the same great pictures and interesting compositions that make them different. Thanks for your art, creativity and patience Kim.,

– M.Cristina Fantini-Wells (Mother, Musician)

Thank you so much for yesterday! It was one of the best experiences I have ever had with taking pictures, and it was so much fun! You are so nice, and professional at the same time. I thought it was great how you got us to choose pictures from your book. It truly was a really great experience! And I am so glad my aunt recommended you. Thank you so much again! I will book our next appointment soon.

– Reema

We just wanted to send our thanks for the great photo’s. I LOVE the maternity shots and have had many compliments on those that we purchased. Despite the bit of confusion with one of the shots that I purchased you and Amanda got it e! We’ve now received our beautiful family photo’s from our second shoot. You managed to get beautiful pictures of our twins girls despite a fair bit of crying and squirminess and were VERY patient with our somewhat unruly dog when he didn’t want to cooperate for our family shots. We are looking forward to having some of those photo’s join the maternity ones on our walls. We are hoping to get back for more family photo’s when the girls are around 6-9 months! Thanks again!!!

– Christopher, Olivia, Lucy and Kate Dodd (and Rusty too)

My experience with Eclipse photography has been outstanding. Kim did a wonderful job with my maternity shoot. She made me feel very comfortable through-out the shoot and had great artistic ideas. The pictures were exactly what I wanted. They were original and personal. When I returned with my baby for pictures, I had another great experience. Kim was very patient and accommodating to the mood of my baby. She again had great ideas and took wonderful pictures. She waited for the perfect moment to take a picture of my little one and the pictures are proof. We’ll definitely be coming back for shoots in the years to come.

– Chelsea Ganam

Thank you so much for another amazing experience having you as our photographer. You had so much energy and enthusiasm the whole time and it is not an easy task to manage three wiggly boys and their mama! You managed to capture each one of the children’s personality and energy! So many of the photos worked out that it was difficult to choose our favorites. I am again so pleased with the results and look forward to adding these photos to the others you took three years ago. Thank you so much for your respectful and enthusiastic manner with us!

– Meghan, Osa, Raven and Cedar

We love our photos, so much that we stare at them fairly frequently (when we have free time, that is) wondering which ones to purchase. They are so beautiful, creative and unique. We were shocked at how flawless they looked, especially after all the bodily fluids we witnessed..Your professionalism and patience with the twins made the experience so much easier than we could have imagined with 3 week old babies. Everyone we’ve shown the photos to has been incredibly impressed by how beautiful they are. We thank you very much and we’re working on finally pulling together our order….. how to choose, now that’s the hard part.

– Robin, Tom, Eva and Sebastian

My husband and I eloped and our only regret is not having professional photos taken, so this was sort of our wedding photos. It was important to us to have something more on the artistic side and not the “typical” engagement type photos, and you did an amazing job. You were even willing to take pictures of our dog. We are very happy with the results, and we intend to come back every few years to capture different times in our life together. Many thanks,

-HC Thien and J.Gregoire..and Izzy

I just wanted to send out a big thank-you for such an amazing photo shoot experience. When I received my pregnancy photos, I was literally brought to tears! I am now settling down to order my pictures and looking back at my pregnant body makes me so glad I got these photos done. My husband and I felt so relaxed and comfortable when we were getting our photos taken in your studio… we feel that you have a very professional but relaxed attitude and that shows in your amazing ability to capture that “special shot”. My pictures are so tastefully done that I am able to show my pregnant body to anyone because with the use of your props only the “right” bits are portrayed in the photos. I would highly recommend you and Eclipse Photography to anyone wanting to get pregnancy photos taken of themselves – what a treat to look back (my son is now six weeks old) and see my beautiful pregnant body. Many thanks.

– Danielle Cox

Thank-you for the wonderful experience. You made me feel so comfortable, and were very patient in order to incorporate my son into the maternity shots. I have some 8 x 10’s displayed in our living room, and when people come over they are really shocked to know that it’s me in the photos. They are all amazed by the beautiful ARTWORK hanging on the wall. Thanks again.

– Lydia Pranaitis

I got my pictures today, and I tell you I have never been so anxious for mail to come as I have been the past two weeks. They are absolutely beautiful. I have never really liked to have my picture taken, but these turned out great, far better than I had imagined. The time it took for the photo shoot went by in no time. I felt so at ease – it is not every day that I get naked in front of someone for two hours without feeling at least a little self conscious – Thank you! I will send in my picks for enlargement very soon. Thanks again.

-Carrie-Anne Coulter

I wanted to thank you for an awesome experience. You made me feel so relaxed and I had so much fun. My inner model came out with your encouragement. I had so many pictures to choose from, I had a hard time choosing. After the maternity photos, I couldn’t wait to have my baby in there and get her photos done too and the newborn photos were just as amazing. I am so glad we chose you. It’s not enough to be technically talented – which you are,- but it is obvious that you love photography too. We will definitely be coming back to you as our family grows. Thank you again.

– Chad, Lynda and baby Deliah Friesen

I received my proofs last week and they are amazing! Your work is wonderful and I’m truly happy with the entire experience. The only problem now is trying to choose some to get them enlarged! I’ll be in touch with you soon once I’m able to decide on my favorites.  Thanks again.

– Tamara Baltic

I chose you Kim, (Eclipse Photography) when I was searching for a studio to take my newborn baby’s first professional pictures simply because I was amazed and attracted to your artistic style, as seen by the sample pictures on your website. Your photos are never stiff and I found out that they are all spur of the moment. I was not disappointed at all and am quite happy with the outcome of my baby’s photos! My only problem is narrowing down my choices on what to enlarge! I love all of them!

– Ken and Deanne Ting

I must admit that the thought of doing the maternity shoot was somewhat daunting for me, however, once we got going your expertise, patience and professionalism made me feel much more at ease. So I must thank you for that. (The proofs certainly reflect that as well.) After the photo shoot was completed we anxiously awaited the arrival of our proofs. Having just received our proofs in the mail they far surpassed our expectations. Your true artistic talent is clearly reflected . I am particularly impressed at the shots that include our daughter Tia considering she wasn’t always the most cooperative participant in the session. There are also some family shots that I just love. There are so many proofs that I am happy with that the challenge lies in which ones to frame. We will get back to you as soon as possible with our order. In the mean time thank you so much for your time and capturing this special moment in our lives.

– Sabrina Gunhold

I am Marjorie’s husband. I have looked over the proofs you sent and they are beautiful pictures of her. i have always thought of her as beautiful but these pictures have enhanced her beauty.They were very artistic and to me sexy at the same time. Very tasteful. She told me you were great with her for the two hours session and she felt at ease. by looking at the pictures she looked very comfortable & relaxed. This was the very best 40th birthday present i could have received. Thank you very much.

– Peter Chu

I Just wanted to let you know that I got the proofs and they are AMAZING!! Actually I should say YOU are amazing. Thanks so much. I haven’t been able to decide which one of them I should enlarge yet, because they ALL look great. But anyway, thanks so much. You really are a wonderful photographer. PS my friend said you “made me look like a movie star”!

– Hsin-Pei

Kim was able to take great pictures of my 3 and 5 year olds!! Need I say more…. Her photography is amazing. Getting those intimate family shots are so important and it is very rare to find someone who is able to take them well. Thank you Kim for giving me the gift of beautiful pictures! From pregnancy shots to toddler shots…I am looking forward to the pre-teen pictures now and then photos with my adult children. They are so precious and having keepsakes is very important to me. You are a wonderful photographer! Your pictures make me both laugh and cry!

– Lyne Piché

As a publisher, I have worked with many photographers, and Kimberly Mara, of Eclipse Photography, is one of the very best. Not only is she always professional, easy to work with and friendly, she is also a talented photographer who always manages to capture the best of the babies and children that meet her lens. My clients rave about the photos she’s taken for them. In fact, her photos are so good, that I choose to use many of her images throughout my magazine as editorial photographs, and on the COVER of my magazine, “Urbanbaby & Toddler” as well.

– Emma Lee, Urban Baby and Toddler Magazine

Kimberly’s organizational skills, creative energy and ease with kids & families (and us!) has made working with her a privilege. She’s done a number of photo shoots for WestCoast Families, including our cover and an inside children’s fashion spread. Her professionalism, and most importantly, her ability to capture the ‘look’ we’re after has always stood out.

– Michelle Froese, Editor, WestCoast Families, Baby Guide and Yummy Mummy magazines.

I just got the pictures. I totally love them. You are an amazing photographer. My friends, whom I showed the few pictures to, say the same thing….. they think your work is so amazing.  Thank you so very much.  I just love them all.  I can hardly wait to show them to my husband.

Again thank you so very much. Take care and I will talk to you really soon to place my order.

– Pamela Horrigan

I am an aspiring photographer and I just had to send you an email. Your images are absolutely incredible. How you highlight the lines on a pregnant woman’s body with light, is beautiful. Your artistic photos are awe inspiring. I have been spending a lot of time looking at others work and trying to judge lighting set ups or how I would make a pose similar/different, but on your site, I was just mesmerized. I spent a long time looking at your galleries, just amazed at your talent and vision. Beautiful work. I only wish I had a memento of pregnancy photos of my children’s infancy, like the pictures you have done on your website

– Kim Morritt

You have always done such great work capturing the essence of our son. For me to step in front of the camera for my pregnancy shots was a bit un-nerving but you made me feel completely comfortable. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! It’s funny that it takes being pregnant to feel beautiful or is it the amazing photographer and her crafty lens that creates the illusion!? Regardless I love the pictures and look forward to the newborn and family shots you will soon take. You are a wonderful artist and our house will soon be filled with Kimberly Mara ‘originals’!

– Lorna Williams

This was the perfect way to celebrate my first pregnancy! I was given a gift certificate for a photo shoot at Eclipse Photography as a baby shower gift, and I can’t thank my friend enough for such a wonderful and thoughtful present. Kim took the time to find out my preference in poses, styles and props, and to find out what I was, and was not comfortable with. As this was my first (and probably only) nude photo shoot I really appreciated this. It made the whole experience relaxed and completely comfortable. There was also attention given to certain angles and lighting because pregnant or not, nobody wants two chins, varicose veins, or flabby thighs in a photograph! It was clear upon getting the proofs back that this professional consideration to detail really pays off. I am so thrilled with all the shots! They showed off -and hid- just the right amount to create some really beautiful photographs. There is so much variety. Some obvious differences, some subtle, from shadows to facial expressions that really change the feeling of each shot. I’ve been told that my personality was really captured in the photographs. I am finding it almost impossible to pick my favorites- which is saying a lot coming from someone who hates having her picture taken! Kim’s creativity truly shines in her work. These photographs will be a cherished souvenir and a unique celebration of my first pregnant belly that I will treasure forever. I can definitely say this was the best gift I’ve ever received.

– Erin Melnychuk

The pictures are great and my husband, well…..let’s just say that the surprise brought him to tears, so it was so worth it!  I am so glad that I was brave enough to experience this with you and what a lasting memory we have now of our beautiful little baby when he was inside of me.

– Ciao Melanie

We had long wanted to have family pictures done.  I was looking for a photographer who would be able to give us quality and long lasting memories – not department store quality – but real, beautiful pictures.  I knew that I had to find the right person, someone who could put my kids at ease (ages 14, 13 and 11 years old), keep things light and at the same time get the best shots.  Not asking for much, right?  Well, I am happy to say that we found all that and more with Kim at Eclipse Photography.  She had the kids eating out of her hands in no time flat, even managing to get the three of them posing together AND smiling; no small miracle I might add.  We now have a stunningly beautiful family photo on the wall, which is the first thing that you see as you walk into our home.  We have received nothing but compliments on our pictures and we are always quick to recommend Kim.  Her professionalism, coupled with her out-going personality allowed us to fulfill our dream of having amazing family photo’s that will last a lifetime.

– Marcia & Rick Rempel

Kimberly shot my maternity photos one week before I gave birth. She instantly made me feel at ease and she did the kind of shots I wanted. When I got the proofs back, I couldn’t believe how awesome I looked (excuse me for “tooting my own horn”). Everyone I showed the photos too, were very impressed. I loved the photos so much that we went back for family photos when our son was 6 months old. Again, she managed to put my camera-shy husband at ease and make our son smile continuously. The proofs (about 70) were so perfect that we’ve had a really hard time deciding on which ones to order. She captured some priceless looks on our son’s face too. . . . I highly recommend Kimberly. Two of my girlfriends also used her (that’s how I found out about her) and they had the same experience.

– Eden Fellner

Just wanted to tell you that we were so thrilled with the pictures!! It is so hard to decide which ones to choose as they are ALL fabulous. It was nice to be photographed in a calm, relaxed environment- without feeling rushed or uncomfortable( especially with a baby). It really was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you.

– A. Lopez

Myself and three friends recently visited Kim at her studio in North Vancouver. It was the first time any of us had ever had “artistic” photographs taken…so needless to say we were all a bit anxious. Kim’s professional, yet friendly manner made me feel comfortable and put me at ease almost instantly.  Her gift as a talented photographer was evident as she helped me choose poses that would accentuate my strong features (and minimize those that I’d like to hide). She worked quickly and efficiently…non-stop for 4 1⁄2  hours! I had a fantastic time – it was like a night out with the girls! The photographs were stunning. I was very impressed…and so was my husband! I would not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone.”

– Vivian

We saw your brochures and advertising long before we were expecting our first child.  We knew when we saw your work, that we wanted you to be the photographer that would capture memories of such an important time in our lives.  We planned on having you take photographs of my pregnant silhouette, but never made the time for this.  This is something that we regret dearly and know that we will not make that mistake again when we are expecting our second child.  Everyone says to savour each moment when your children are babies, because the time passes so quickly that you will wonder where it went.  Now that Luke is 10 months old, we have an understanding of how true this is.  As Luke grows older, we will always cherish the photographs that you took of our family.   They will remind us of his innocence and the unexplainable love that he brought into our lives.  Thank you so much for your hard work and patience with Luke while in the studio, your professional service and most of all your creative talent.  Our experience with Eclipse Photography far exceeded our long anticipated expectations.

– Rebecca, Scott and Luke Ashton

My husband and I are very impressed with our pictures. We have had 3 different sittings done now over the years. We had a maternity shoot, a baby shoot of our daughter, and just recently shots of our new son and the whole family. They are beautiful. My daughter is now 3 1/2 years old and normally does not like her picture being taken, but you were able to turn this shy child into a very photogenic child. By the time we left the studio she loved having her picture taken and didn’t want to leave. You have captured the most important moments in my husbands, our children’s and my life. These are pictures that will be cherished forever. I wish I had known about you when we got married. You are very professional. I look forward to having more family pictures done in the future.

– Kim & Kyle Langford

Thank you Kim! The whole family is in love with the photos you took of our baby!! Your props were so much fun and so creative!!  I didn’t know which photos to choose!! There were so many great shots!! We also loved your studio. It was a very comfortable environment and very easy for all the costume changes!! These photos have created memories that will surely last forever for us!! Thanks again!

– Noushin Azizi

I first saw your photos on my friend’s (Farrah Jinha) wall and loved them!  I asked her who had taken them, and she referred me to you.  You came highly recommended as Farrah has very discerning tastes and had nothing but wonderful things to say about you. I both called and emailed you, and you were very prompt at calling me back, emailing me information and following up again.  After a couple of months, as my tummy got bigger and bigger, I decided I really wanted to capture this time in my life and decided to give it a try despite my hesitation. Well, all that changed the day of our shoot.  I was so nervous about getting “nudie” (I never thought I’d do nudie photos!!) but you made both me and my husband feel so good that it was a lot of fun!!  Your talent and professionalism are amazing, but the best part was how comfortable you made the whole photo shoot.  I had originally had reservations about booking and paying for two shoots at once, but at this point I knew we had made the right decision.  And it was reaffirmed when we saw the maternity photos, they were so great!!! Upon your advice, we came back for the baby photos when Ryan was only six days old and we’re so glad we did.  When we look back at those photos now, it’s hard to remember that he was once so tiny and so the photos freeze that memory for us so we won’t forget.  We are first-time parents and we were a little nervous about handling the baby AND getting the shoot done WITH photos we loved but again, Kim, you made it really easy.  We took advantage of his good moments, relaxed when he fussed, allowed some time to feed, let him sleep when he needed to… these weren’t our decisions, it was your encouragement that allowed us to get the shoot done without being traumatized!  And you were so calm about everything, including him peeing everywhere.  We just got some blankets, wiped it up and had a good laugh!! Finally, when it came to picking the photos and sorting it out, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to talk to you or visit you and get your expert advice on what would look great.  To me, the shoot and the proofs are only part of the process because what matters in the end is the final product up on the wall!  And we laypeople don’t have the vision you artists do!  I was happy that you chatted with me on the phone, even happier that you agreed to meet with me.  And I would encourage you to take the time and continue with the personal contact before and after the shoots, even though you are obviously so busy, because it makes all the difference.  Then when I changed my mind and called you, you were pretty patient even though there was some extra work involved for you to change the order.  But I’m happy now and I think the photos will look great. We do plan to come back after our next child is born and I think that says it all.

– Cindy Oeshi

My husband and I had an amazing experience with Kimberly for our maternity photo shoot. I was a bit nervous at first but Kim is so professional and down to earth that she made me feel comfortable and the pictures reflect that. She even got my husband in some pictures, which is incredible since he hates getting his picture taken. There is one particular picture of my husband and I that I love more than ANY other picture taken of us. I will never use another photographer and am so happy that I will always have these pictures to look back on. I can’t wait to be pregnant again so I can come back! Thanks Kim.

– Seleena Reid

My Fiancé and I were very excited to have prenatal pictures taken and finding Kim at Eclipse photography definitely made the experience so much more enjoyable. Her charisma and professional manner made us feel completely relaxed and confident that our pictures would turn out amazing and be exactly what we expected. I would highly recommend her work to anyone thinking about having any photographs taken in the future. Thanks again Kim for making this experience one to remember.

– Christina & Brian

Eclipse Photography was recommended to Shelby and I about four years ago by a good friend, shortly after our first son Cade was born.  Our experience working with Kimberly was delightful, and the photos that she produced were beyond belief.  We were so pleased with the creativity and results of the photos that we absolutely had to have them professionally matted/framed.  To this day friends who visit our home rave about the beautiful pictures hanging from our walls and can’t believe they are not art work that was purchased in some store.  Our second experience with Kimberly was about 11 months after our second son was born.  This time it was a much different experience.  Unlike our first son who was very cooperative, Reid was a monster that day.  Kimberly remained so calm and patient that it put us all at ease. When Shelby and I left the studio that day, we thought there was no way we would even end up with one quality picture because of the lack of cooperation of the baby.  To our complete surprise when the proofs came in, we spent months trying to narrow down the ones we wanted – they were fabulous!  This was a true testament to Kimberly’s abilities and professionalism and we thank her for this!!!

– Ryan & Shelby Hefflick

I just wanted to say thanks for the photo shoot you did with Oliver and I a week or so ago….we really enjoyed it!! I’ve been so stressed and busy with work lately – the photo shoot was the one thing I have done for myself and the baby in the past while, and I keep thinking back on that day and remembering how much fun we had.  Even Oliver was in a good mood after we left your place…you worked wonders there – thank you. We are really looking forward to seeing the photos when they arrive. Thanks again for the great experience!


My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our photo shoot with Kim. I was feeling especially large and unattractive on the day of my photo shoot and wasn’t even sure if I wanted to have my picture taken. Kim put me totally at ease from the very beginning, and I ended up loving the experience. Kim was very professional yet easygoing, and assured me that she would take the photos in such a way to show off my belly and disguise my “trouble spots.” She did an amazing job. I absolutely love the pictures. They turned out exactly the way that I hoped that they would, and will always be a wonderful reminder of my pregnancy. I have actually had friends tell me that I look like a model in the photos, and I know that I have Kim’s photography expertise to thank for that as I am usually not very photogenic. The only problem with the whole experience is choosing the final photos because I love all of them!

– Karen & Chris Mills

I just want to express my sincere thanks for fitting our photo shoot in on such short notice. Once I had seen Sheri’s headshots, I knew I wanted you to photogragh my sweet little girl. I am so grateful you could find the time in your hectic schedule, as we were in Vancouver for just that week. The photos are beyond beautiful! You have captured on print the little nuances that are Abby. Every photo is just amazing and I, like all your clients, am having a very hard time picking which ones to enlarge…… I want them all! I was amazed how quickly you had Abby at ease and just hamming it up like she was a supemodel. She had such a good time and couldn’t wait to tell her Daddy all about her photo shoot. We look forward to having you do a  family shoot the next time we visit Vancouver. Thanks again.

– Brenda Montague, Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you so much Kim. From the moment we inquired about your booking fee/availability, through to the actual maternity shoot, you have been nothing but accommodating, professional and kind. We wanted artistic maternity pictures but as you can imagine, we were extremely nervous. Your ability to connect with us & put us at ease, made us feel very comfortable and we had lots of fun – something that really shines through in the pictures you took. We can’t wait for you to capture our bundle of joy!

– Shella and Bojan

I want to take this opportunity to say a great big THANK YOU for the wonderful photos you took of me and my family.  Being the first maternity shots I’ve had taken, I was very nervous about posing naked. Your friendly, fun attitude and professionalism helped me relax and get into the spirit of the shoot and soon I was so absorbed in the whole set up of each shot I wasn’t aware of my nudity at all.  I quickly saw that you were an artist and knew very well what you were doing. And what an artist!  Now that I’ve seen the proofs, WOW, the set ups for the photos make even more sense.  They are beautiful, creative pictures of all of us.  Now comes the hard part though – trying to choose just a few to have printed! Thank you again, Kim.  You are a very talented professional and I strongly recommend anyone wanting beautiful photos taken to contact Eclipse Photography.

– Jessy Kraus

I just wanted to take the time to thank you so very much, once again, for the great photos of our twin boys you took last week. I have the pictures you took of the boys up on our living room wall from when I first came to your studio 5 years ago, and each day I look at them it makes me smile. We just had another shoot with you, and my, have the boys grown! The pictures again are great, and I will make sure that I don’t wait as long this time to come in again. The boys were very comfortable with you, just as before and it shows so much in the finished project… Our great photos! Thanks so much.

– Jeannie Foort and family

My first thoughts upon receiving the first set of photos were “aren’t they amazing?”…. it was well worth the money. The photos of pregnant Deborah were so professional. Your use of light and shadow for maximum benefit made your expertise obvious. When we arrived, we appreciated being able to flip through your thick albums and see such a wide variety of examples. It meant we were easily able to figure out the style we were looking for and you delivered even more than the 5 styles / poses you promised. The variety of poses and the way you moved so efficiently from set to set meant we were able to take so many more shots in the time available – the results made it clear that you worked out exactly what we were looking for. I really appreciated your easy going manner – it really relaxed Deb ; no small feat considering that she has never posed in the nude before. I have been keeping the grouping of the 3 biggest enlargements we had done, in my office and smile at them every day. Oh, how I wish I had been willing to spend the money on such high quality photos for our wedding…beautiful! Thank you. We were both so happy with the first set that we really looking forward to returning for our second sitting with Matthias. Knowing what to expect, we had a lot of fun and the photos worked out fantastic as we expected. We really had difficulty limiting how many we wanted to many great shots. In the end, we ended up getting more than we’d planned – we couldn’t resist. It was remarkable how you were able to time so many of the photos to capture such great expressions on his face. I often flip through the proofs and smile. Matthias has already changed so much – I am glad that we took your advice and came in just days after his birth. I am glad to have such high quality mementos of that time. I highly expect to be seeing you again in the future as we update the family photo!

– David Luers

I Just want to let you know that our family had a great time during the photo session last week. You definitely know how to work with kids. You kept them interested and most of all, kept them smiling. We were also very pleased with the photos. We are taking our time to decide still, given the many great pictures to choose from. Thanks.

– Lawrence Li and Jennifer Chiang

Thank-you for playing such a vital role in the wedding. Your involvement as the main photographer, and your talent will never be forgotten. The pictures you produced will forever be cherished. Not only are you very discreet and professional, you are also a lot of fun and easy to work with. Thank you so very much for everything. Many thanks,

– Cheryl Antonio

I  just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday! You were absolutely amazing; we not only felt comfortable, but had fun while you took amazing pictures that will surely compliment the show. The girls were glowing for hours and I’m sure these pictures will be plastered on all of our walls for years to come! I can’t wait to see them all! Thanks again and it was great to meet you. We will work together again.

– L&L- Yae, from “Nite of Hope Vancouver” Breast cancer fundraiser

We received our proofs a few days ago, via courier, and absolutely LOVE them. Thank you. You truly did a tremendous job. This is especially true with the black and white photos which came out particularly well. We will be placing our photo enlargement order, asap.  We can’t decide yet, as we like so many. Thanks again for the photos. We couldn’t be happier with them!!!

– Anand

We just want to thank you for the beautiful pictures you took of our family. The family photos were wonderful, candid…seeing as the boys had just woken up as we reached the studio, just before our session. We especially loved the maternity photos you shot for us. They are so beautiful and such a wonderful memory to keep before having our third child. The photos capture some funny and beautiful moments. If I’d known about you earlier, I would have taken maternity photos with our other 2 children. We will definitely be back to have photos taken when our new addition arrives. I am really looking forward to that session and all the dynamics! Professionally, I think you did a wonderful job, not only with the pictures, but with keeping the boys happy and having the session flow so easily. It’s not easy keeping 2 active toddlers focused but I think you did a wonderful job while we were at the studio! Thank you again. I will contact you very soon to let you know what pictures I will be ordering and to discuss your availability for when the new baby arrives.

– Teena & Ken

We were very happy with the pictures we had taken at Eclipse photography.  We were referred by my cousin who had gotten maternity and then family photos taken by you.  We were very impressed by your photos and were excited to see what we would end up with.  We were not at all disappointed.  We were thrilled in fact. The photo shoot was fun for all the family and the pictures are so beautiful.  Thank you very much.

– Amy Schwab

As you know, I am an actor and a singer and I also run an acting studio. I have worked with many photographers in the past. I am so thrilled with my headshots that you did. I was extremely pleased. I felt very comfortable shooting with you and I had a blast too. You caught the many sides of me that some photographers in the past were unable to capture….or even see. I was impressed with your professionalism and yet the relaxed atmosphere,  in which I felt definitely benefitted the outcome of the shoot. I would highly recommend you ….Kim at Eclipse Photography…. for any of my fellow actors photo needs.

– Todd Carroll, Granville Island Actors Studio

I’ve just got to say we’ve been really happy with the whole experience @ Eclipse Photography. Once Jaida’s a little older, or has a sibling, we’ll come back and do it all again. Thanks again.

– Scott, Tracy & Jaida.

It’s Leah from yesterdays maternity shoot with Lachlan & Hamish. I just wanted to thank you for the session. You were so amazing with Lachlan. He gets me to pretend I am you, taking his picture, and calling him “George” & psyching him out on High fives! It was a really great experience for us all, so thanks again!!! We will be back.

– Leah

We just got our wedding DVD and photos back. Very VERY impressive! Wow. The final product was amazing. You did such a great job. We LOVE it. Thank you. Raych’s parents loved it too, and my parents will get their copy on xmas morning…its the perfect present! The DVD quality and professional finish was top notch, and we just wanted to thank you again!

– Raych and Darrin

I received my photos. They’re amazing! I love them. Thank you for being so patient, so friendly and so talented. I want to spend some time figuring out what I want to order. I just can’t decide which ones. So many to choose from!  Thanks again,

– Shannon

Horrayyyyyy………. I LOVE the photos. They are exactly what I wanted!!! Thank you so much! I am recommending you to everyone I know!

– Nevada Yates, actor

It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. You made us feel very comfortable during the photo shoot and now,……. well the proof is in the photographs!! Thank you. You captured us in a very natural way, and yet I can look at the photos over and over again and smile every time. Now, if only we could stop Mia from growing and keep her the way she is in the photographs.

– Kyoko, Ian & Mia

Congrats on being nominated for the Best Business Award! Must say that I’ve been impressed by your professionalism and warmth since our very first meeting. It’s nice to know that those good old-fashioned values are still being recognized. I hope you get that award. It just felt like you went the extra mile for us and gave a little more than was needed, and I hope that comes back to you in spades. Also thank you again for all your time ….and unpaid extra time………in working with us……… & the “Young and the Breastless” and CTV news. You are an amazing woman to work with. Very professional. Very talented. You Go Girl!

– Nancy Baye,

Hi kim…. Thank you so much for sending the proofs to me so promptly. And l want to tell you, THE PHOTOS ARE PHENOMENAL…. I’m really pleased with ALL of them! I don’t know how l am going to choose just a few to enlarge! Thank you again.

– Leona Bently

Wow! Those photos you put on display of Aubrey in the design store on Commercial Drive, are awesome – The one with her tongue sticking out is so fun and I love the photo with her hand reaching for mine.Those are even more beautiful enlarged than I imagined. Good work. Thank you. My husband was running up and down the street telling anybody that would listen that, that was his daughter on display in that store window, and that YOU did them. I think he is starting to realize the benefit of hooking up with a talented professional photographer rather than a trip to Sears! Thanks again.

– Erin Peters

Hello my favorite photographer! Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the photos…they look gorgeous. I really appreciate your warm and professional manner. We’ll see you again soon, I’m sure. We love your work, and your “friendly way” that you are with our family. We will recommend you to everyone we know.

– Sandeep Bhatha

What absolutely wonderful photos you took of our family and our two little girls. The shots were so candid, natural… just terrific. My husband and I were amazed the way you were able to get the kids to listen to you and the rapport you had with them. I think this showed in the photos as they really looked like they were having a great time. We can hardly wait to display our photos proudly on our walls. I would highly recommend Eclipse.

– Marg

I have been working with Eclipse photography for years. Kim has done a variety of photo shoots for me ranging from boudoir, wedding, & baby photos. In my dealings with Kim, I’ve always found her to be incredibly professional & fun. She is open to ideas for poses and has always worked with me to capture my best attributes. She is also very good at putting people at ease. My husband is not one to enjoy having his photo taken but she was able to work with him to ensure we had some beautiful pictures to remember our wedding day. She’s also very good with children. The first photo shoot she did with my daughter was when she was 6 months old. We’d just flown in from Ontario & she had major jet lag. I thought the shoot would go horribly because she was so cranky. I should have known better. Kim was able to work with her to get some beautiful photos done quickly so she didn’t even get time to be fussy. As I mentioned we are from Ontario. I started working with Kim when I was still on the west coast & I still try to plan my photo needs around visits home so I can work with Kim.

– Emily Hopewell

One of the best gifts we received on our wedding day was Kimberly Mara’s (of Eclipse Photography) expertise as our photographer. My wife’s Maid of Honour, hired Eclipse Photography before, and was so pleased with her photographs that she was certain Kimberly was the only person who could photograph our day properly. We trusted her opinion and looked into hiring Kimberly. We were not disappointed in any way at all. We were thrilled. We would recommend her to anyone we know ever getting married. Through Kimberly’s keen eye and creativity, we have photographs that allow us to look back without forgetting any of the vibrant colours and vivid memories that made our wedding day so special.

– Jeremiah Garcia and Amy Koop

Kim has been an amazing photographer for all my headshots.  Each session, she has given me more than what was needed to find the ones I would use.  I am so pleased with her professional work, and warm nature, and continue to bus all the way to Deep Cove to get my fabulous head shots done….by HER!

– Lori Henry, Editor,

WOW! I love the pictures. I can’t stop showing people. LOL. Did I ever tell you how AMAZING I think you are?! HOLY SMOKES! Those pictures were top of the line!  (sigh). You have out done yourself this time. P.S. Thanks again for always trying so hard to fit us in around our insane schedules. Because I know you are so busy. I really appreciate it. Hope you’re doing well!  Talk to you soon!

– Cheryl

I just got the pictures. I totally love them. You are an amazing photographer. My friends, whom I showed the few pictures to, say the same thing….. they think your work is so amazing.  Thank you so very much.  I just love them all.  I can hardly wait to show them to my husband.  Again thank you so very much. Take care and I will talk to you really soon to place my order.

– Pamela Horrigan

I am very pleased with my photos from Eclipse photography studios. When I first saw them I just couldn’t believe how good they turned out. Kim really has a great eye and knows how to bring out the best in her subject and captures that on film. I will be recommending Eclipse Photography to any of my friends who need headshots , family photos, maternity photos, etc.

– Maria-Cristina Wells, singer / songwriter, actor, mother

Kimberly was very professional. She had a very relaxed approach with the kids. She was fun. Had a good eye for what looks were working and what others we might try instead. She gave my daughter some clothing to try that were completely different looks from her “normal” attire. This really helped direct the shoot. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a professional photographer!

– Christine Broatch

Kim is absolutely fabulous darling.  Kim completely made me feel at ease before, during and after the shoot.  She’s very playful and did not make me do any ridicules poses.  As a result, I am ecstatic about my photos and highly recommend Kim.  I would definitely go back to her no questions about it. PS… KIM ROCKS!

– Katie Messina

Thank you very much for your patience and help this morning in our photoshoot.  I can’t wait to have the photos on my fridge and all over my house. (:  I have to say I have never known anyone with as much patience as you. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Thanks again

– Jordan Kennie

I just wanted to thank you for being SO amazing this afternoon in the photo shoot!  We had a blast. You were so flexible, friendly and funny with us and you totally made everything work out so well!  YOU ARE THE BEST!  Whenever the pictures are ready, please call us asap, as we are already dying to see them. Again!  Thank you- YOU ARE THE BEST!

– Cheryl Antonio, JR AM, BC District

I am writing to say that I have had Kim take many candid pictures in social situations and she is always makes it fun.  I have also been in her studio when she is taking pictures of uncooperative children..  She has a very special way with the kids.  She ends up with them laughing and the end results are wonderful pictures any parent would be proud of.

– Yvonne Fleenor

I have been a long time client of Eclipse Photography and the reason is… Kim!  She is incredible!  She is very talented and definitely has an artistic eye for photography, but more than that, her personality makes her very easy to work with.  Kim has shot me in many creative poses including nudes and I have always been comfortable with her professional yet personal attitude.  I also had Kim shoot my wedding and she was fantastic at capturing the moments throughout the ceremony, reception and formals.  I have her photography displayed throughout my home and have recommended her to many of my friends and family.

– Emily

Thank you Kim for the wonderful photos you took of our family. The pictures of our 6-month daughter are precious memories. Thank you for taking the extra time an effort to set up the poses and your patience with her accidents. We appreciated your advice about the best time in her first year to capture her in the cutest way. We would be happy to refer our friends & family to have their pictures taken with you. We are glad of friend has already come and had a pregnancy photo shoot with you. She was also extremely happy with your work. Thank you for working with us and fulfilling our requests. We loved your input and ideas too- especially the pink floppy hat:)

– The Bishop’s

Our first experience with Kim was in February 2004, when my husband, son and I had family portraits done.  I had seen Kim’s work in the house of a friend and loved the shots so much that I booked with her immediately.  The family shoot was great fun.  Kim is every inch the professional and things flowed beautifully as she set up pose after pose.  Looking through her portfolios, I was intrigued with the “just for fun” shots and decided to take a risk at something I’d never done, and really never thought I would do, and talked my sister and some friends into booking a shoot of ‘boudoir’-like photos.  We were all very nervous, but, again, because of Kim’s wonderful personality and ability, we had an absolute blast.  I would never have done this if I hadn’t felt so comfortable with Kim or knew that I could trust her to do a great job.  I loved the photos, as did my husband, and will happily treasure them for years to come.

– Susan Lutke

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job that you have done with my photos. I was so worried that my son wouldn’t cooperate, but you did a fabulous job keeping his attention. The pictures were absolutely FABULOUS!!! They mean sooooo much to me. I thank you for letting me keep those memories. Again, thank you for a wonderful job. I am recommending you everyday to everyone!!! Cheers Kim!!!

– Andrea Modrovic

Myself and three friends recently visited Kim at her studio in North Vancouver. It was the first time either of us had ever had artistic photographs…so needless to say we were all a bit anxious. Kim’s professional, yet friendly manner made me feel comfortable and put me at ease almost instantly. Her gift as a talented photographer was evident as she helped me choose poses that would accentuate my strong features (and minimize those that I’d like to hide). She worked quickly and efficiently…non-stop for 4 ½ hours! I had a fantastic time – it was like a night out with the girls! The photographs were stunning. I was very impressed…and so was my husband! I would not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone.

– Vivian Searwar

We have known Kimberly for over five years know and each and every visit is like coming home to a friend. Kimberly’s smile is inviting and her relaxed studio makes you really feel like you’re helping to script a part of your life as well as hers. The countless photo’s and hours put into creating timeless photography is evident in the quality of the samples on the website and pictures that hang with pride in our home. We are enlightened by the creativity that Kimberly brings to us and have and would encourage friends and family to experience the pleasure of true art as expressed through photography. We can hardly wait till the next visit.

– Eduarda & Dean de Sousa

Kimberly’s expertise, fused with passion, makes for incredible images. Her humour & professionalism provide an environment of comfort and ease for clients. Kimberly’s images of my prenatal photo session reflected my experience of the blessed gift of carrying a child. Captured through a variety of moods, Kimberly’s work stands like museum pieces, each telling its own story. More than simply poses, within each frame you’ll find a tale of something rich, something powerful in being human. Thank you Kimberly for working in such a profound way. I am grateful for your gifts captured on film.

– Brenda I.

Hi Kim, I want to thank you again for the wonderful experience that we had in your studio. Although, I was looking to have photos of just my new baby girl and son, (who is a toddler,) I want to thank you so much for suggesting that I get into the photos too. I have always felt that I am not that natural in front of the camera, and never considered myself photogenic, but I just love the photo of my son and I together. It will always be a favorite. Although we arrived late for our appointment (due to a nasty traffic accident), we never felt rushed and we got lots of great photos. You have a great rapport with children, and my son adored you! You are a warm, and very talented photographer and we highly recommend you.

– The Curtis Family!!!

When we were doing the photo shoot, our 3 week old baby girl was crying almost non-stop. She was cold and very tired. She couldn’t sit still for a second. There was no way this was going to work. At least thats what we thought. When we got the results (proofs) back, I was blown away! There is not a single picture with a crying baby in there! Moreover, out of the hundred shots we took there is not a single one that is not good. Kim captured the right moments beautifully. The lighting and clarity were excellent. It was very hard to make a selection of just one favorite. Not only gifted as a photographer, Kim is also a warm and gracious person. Although we were one hour late and her own little girl was waiting in daycare for her, she gave us more than 1 hour extra, just to finish the shoot! Kim is dedicated to excellence. Thank you Kim for the beautiful memories of our newborn daughters photo shoot , that you have given us.

– Peyman and Ilse Imani

Just a few days before giving birth I went to Kim for a photo session. My boyfriend had arranged the session and gave it to me as a present. I was a bit nervous to pose in front of the camera while being so pregnant, but Kim’s easy going and warm nature made me feel at ease instantly. I was also worried that my water may break and I would make a big mess and start labouring right there in her studio. After voicing my concern, Kim mentioned that I would not be the first to have her water break and that she even helped delivering a baby right here in her studio. That took all my worries away and I felt that I was in good hands. What I liked especially about Kim’s work is that she has a great eye for good poses and that she is fast in getting the poses set up and taking the pictures, which is very helpful when you are pregnant. The pictures turned out great. I was amazed how Kim managed to transform my big, swollen, pregnant body into something gracious and beautiful. She helped me appreciate my body at late pregnancy and allowed me to look at myself with a different eye.

– Kerstin Wallbrecht

We just had our second photography session with Kim and just like our first session, I am sure the pictures will turn out to be very good. She was very patient with my 9 month old daughter, and very kind and playful with my 4 year old son. I highly recommend her to everyone. I wish I had known Kim before, when I had my first child. She takes amazing pictures you wont be disappointed. That’s why we keep going back to her.

– Gladys

Thank you very much for such an enjoyable photo shoot! You were great with making Olivia feel comfortable and happy, and you were able to get a lot of cute smiles out of her! I am very happy with the photos and look forward to doing it again, & next time we will also bring my husband, for a family photo shoot. Overall, our experience was great and I couldn’t be happier with the photos 🙂 I will happily recommend you and your services with confidence.

– Tracey & Olivia